The Junkluggers of Pittsburgh Q&A

Do you host community events?

We are thrilled to host community donation events.  If your organization is interested in partnering, please call 412-348-8777. We have hosted collection events that benefit non-profits such as The Blessing Board and Foster Love Project.

Do you take Pianos?

Of course! We  pick up all types of pianos: upright piano, baby grand piano, and grand piano!

If I work for a non-profit or donation center, how can my organization receive items? What does that process look like?

If you're a registered 501-C 3 The Junkluggers can provide your business with reusable furniture or other items as a donation at no cost. We ask that you send us your registration for tax purposes. You can contact us at 412-348-8777 or email [email protected]  to get more information on how to receive donations for your organization.

What are your junk removal prices?

Pricing is all based on how much volume your items take up on our trucks. Our trucks are the equivalent of a 16-yard dumpster (some studio apartments and small 1 bedrooms depending on the size of the furniture). Our pricing includes the labor (up to 2 hours per appointment), donations, recycling, and disposal fees included. We always provide a free on-site estimate before beginning a junk removal with no hidden fees. Your price will never be higher than your on-site estimate unless you decide to add items after the initial quote. Call 1-800-LUG-JUNK to schedule today.

What if I have more items when you arrive than I did when I called?

Absolutely no problem at all! We will be able to provide an on-site estimate once we arrive at your home so you know exactly what you'll be paying for items removed and if you want to add items, 0ur Luggers will provide you with the price point as the truck is filled.

What happens to my items after you remove them?

We either donate items to local charities or other non-profit organizations. If no items are accepted for donation at the time we store some items in our warehouse for later needs by non-profits,  put them in the disposal or drop them off at a transfer station.  Metal items are recycled and cardboard/paper items are recycled as well.

What is the difference between the Junkluggers of Pittsburgh and other junk removal companies?

We believe in enhancing the lives or our community and the environment by donating, reusing, recycling and supporting local charities. We do our absolute best to donate items to local charities and responsibly dispose of everything that we're not able to donate. We strive to avoid landfills if at all possible. The best part is: we're able to provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for any items that are accepted for donation within 2 weeks of the job.  We do business The Green Way.

Why aren't all my items listed on the donation receipt?

While we are not a donation center, we do go to great lengths to give our best effort to try and donate as much of what we take away from your space as possible. However, please note that we are still at the mercy of the donation centers and are only able to donate what they are willing to accept. We do promise to stop at multiple  locations so that we can provide the best chance of your items being donated. But if only some of your items are accepted, those are the only items we will provide a donation receipt for.

What does "Peace, Love & Junk" mean?

Junkluggers is proud to be a community-forward business. Not only do we care about the environment but aim to help those in need in our local communities through donations and charitable contributions. Our mission is to spread peace and love while we help our local communities clear out junk.

Do you take hazardous items?

No, we do not take hazardous items. We are only licensed to take non-hazardous items such as regular trash found in a typical home. We are not licensed  to transport or dispose any combustible, caustic, toxic or unstable item chemicals.

Can you provide exact pricing over the phone?

Junk comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re not able to give an accurate price until our Luggers see the items in person which is why we give free estimates at the appointment.  Our Luggers will give you a price for the total job and then the work can begin when the price is agreed upon.  We can tell you over the phone the costs of a minimum truckload charge and a full truck charge. Don’t hesitate to call 1-800-LUG-JUNK to schedule.

What kind of equipment does Junkluggers come with to an appointment?

Two strong and professional Luggers will show up to the appointment and have all the items needed for any type of removal including (but not limited to) shovels, rakes, tarps, dollies, trash bags and a wheelbarrow if needed. We also have shoe covers and roll carpets to keep your floors protected.  Our Luggers have masks available in the trucks too if a customer prefers for them to wear a mask at the appointment.

Is the Junkluggers of Pittsburgh a fully insured company?

Our Luggers and trucks are fully insured so this means your home is fully protected. We have liability insurance, workers' compensation and theft/collision insurance for our trucks.  Additionally, our Luggers receive extensive training on safe removal of all items from homes and businesses.  They will take their time to avoid damage and provide care for the item and/or property.

Are Same Day appointments available? How soon can you schedule?

Absolutely! Same-day appointments are available as well as next day appointments. All appointments are scheduled in 2 hour arrival windows. We strive to meet your needs for scheduling whether it be an emergency project or planned clean out. Call 1- 800-LUG-JUNK to schedule.  Online booking is also available at www.junkluggersofpgh.com.

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